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5th & 6th March 2018

27th & 28th June 2018

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(1) Who are specially protected under the law?

(2) What are the minimum benefits that should be given to employees and how to administer them?

(3) Are part-timers protected under the law?

(4) What is sexual harassment law?

(5) What are the new amendments to the law?

(6) What is the protection for management employees?

These and other questions are answered in this practical engaging workshop.  This "A Practical Application of the Employment Act 1955 and Related Laws and Regulations" programme focuses on the Employment Act 1955; The Labour Ordinances of Sabah 2004 & Sarawak 2005; The Minimum Wages Act 2012; The Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012; Employment of Part-timers Rules 2010; and Employment of Children and Young Persons Act 1966; together with all the latest amendments updated to the date of the workshop.

In other words, this comprehensive workshop covers everything you need to know about employment law.

The programme is delivered in a simple easy-to-understand manner with a minimum use of legal jargon. Unavoidable legal jargons are also explained in a simple non-legal way so that even a newcomer will be able to understand it.

Furthermore, the workshop is facilitated by a very experienced HR practitioner and facilitator, who understands your needs.



At the end of the programme, participants are able to:

  • Identify who is protected under the EA and LO and who is not
  • Draw up employment contracts correctly for full-time employees, part-timers and children and young persons
  • Correctly administer and compute the various employee benefits using the correct legal formula: annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, PH, rest days, etc
  • Compute unpaid leave and early leaving or late joining of employment in the month
  • Compute retrenchment and termination benefits
  • Provide adequate legal benefits to part-timers, children and young persons
  • Administer sexual harassment procedures
  • Maintain registers according to law
  • Manage inspections and complaints from the Labour Department


Who Should Attend

  • HR Managers
  • HR Executives
  • Compensation Specialists
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Employee Relations Executives
  • Department Managers and Executives



Presentations, interactive discussions, quizzes, workshops, exercises, situational case-studies




1) Introduction: What is the Employment Act 1955 and Labour Ordinances of Sabah (2004) & Sarawak (2005)?

  • Purpose of the Employment Act 1955 & Labour Ordinances 2004/2005?
  • Who is covered under the Act and Ordinances?
  • Categories of employees who are entitled to all benefits including OT under the employment laws even though they exceed the salary limits
  • Definition of manual worker
  • General penalties under employment laws

2) Normal Hours and OT

  • Normal working hours & days
  • Overtime Rates
  • Maximum OT per day and month

3) Rest Days & OT

  • Rest days entitlement
  • Payment rate for work done during normal hours of work & OT
  • Can rest days be replaced?

4) PH & OT

  • Public holidays entitlement
  • What is the rate for work done on a rest day which is also a PH?
  • Rate for work done during normal hours on PH and OT
  • Meaning of compulsory and non-compulsory PH
  • Can PH be replaced?


5) Annual Leave

  • Annual Leave entitlement
  • Conditions for encashment of annual leave
  • Conditions to carry forward annual leave
  • Can an employee take annual leave during probation?

6) Sick Leave Administration

  • Hospitalization & Non-hospitalization Leave entitlement
  • What do you mean by ‘60 days of sick leave in the aggregate’?
  • Conditions for sick leave
  • Can an employee take sick leave during probation?
  • Can employees go to non-panel doctors?

7) Protection of Women

  • Type of prohibited employment
  • Working hours
  • Prohibited work hours
  • Minimum rest hours

8) Maternity Protection

  • Maternity protection for current / deceased / ex-employees
  • Notice period to be given by employee
  • Commencement of maternity leave
  • Unpaid maternity leave
  • Maternity Leave entitlement
  • Is a probationer entitled to maternity leave?
  • Maternity Register



9) Minimum Wages Act 2012

  • Minimum wages in Malaysia
  • Formula for calculation of minimum wages by hour and day
  • Effective date of minimum wages

10) Wages Deductions and Payment

  • Legal payment of wages
  • Authorised deductions
  • Limit on deductions
  • When is there no limit on deductions?
  • Payment date
  • Content of Pay Slip

11) Types of Disciplinary Action

  • Suspension period before and after DI
  • Full pay, ½ pay or no pay during suspension?
  • Types of disciplinary action permitted under law

12) Sexual Harassment

  • Meaning of harassment and sexual harassment
  • Dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Who is covered under this act?

13) Minimum Retirement Age Act 2012

  • Effective date of retirement age
  • Who is affected?
  • What is the retirement age?
  • What is the situation of current employees?

14) Termination / Retrenchment

  • Notice period for Termination / lay-off
  • Under what situations notice of termination is not required?
  • Situations when employers cannot terminate
  • Rate of termination / retrenchment benefits payment
  • Payment date

15) Children and Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966

  • Definitions of ‘child’ and ‘young person
  • Work hours and days
  • Prohibition of types of work and work-hours
  • Limitation of obligations and liabilities of ‘employer vs child and young person’

16) Employment (Part-time Employees) Regulations 2010

  • Who is a part-timer?
  • Normal hours and days for part-timers
  • Benefits
  • OT payments

17) Other Registers, Records and Notice Boards

  • Employment Register
  • Validity period of records
  • Notice board regulations

18) Inspection by Labour Department

  • Authorized officer
  • Responsibilities and limitations of employer and employee
  • Responsibilities and limitations of person being investigated

19) Complaints to Labour Department

  • Who can complain?
  • How are the complaints handled?
  • Action for employers who abscond



Mr. Cyril Pagadala
– BA (English)
– MA (Human Resource Management)

Cyril has a BA in English and an MA in Human Resource Management. He comes with many years of real hands-on hard knock work experience in Human Resource Management, Operations, Customer Service and Administration followed by many years of lecturing experience.

He is now a corporate trainer since 2004.

His management hands-on work experience covers various industries such as the banking, manufacturing, hospitality and other service industries He has worked for both local and multinationals and in both small and large companies. He was the Director of Human Resource & Administration of a group of companies.

He has gone through the whole gamut of HRM functions with customer relations and general leadership and management experience.

He is now a dedicated full-time corporate trainer in leadership and management principles, all areas of human resource management, employment laws, customer service, English and business communication since 2004.

His tenure in organizations has provided him with deep insight and lasting exposure to various problems and solutions of different kinds. He brings this exposure to his specialised areas of training.

He therefore delivers and facilitates the programmes in a simple, easy-to-understand way and willingly shares knowledge. Due to his real hard-knock work experience, he is able to provide many simple solutions to work challenges.

Maybe this is also due to his simple philosophy: “SHARE REAL WORK KNOWLEDGE”. Perhaps a cue may also be taken from a participant: ‘I NEVER KNEW THIS WAS SO EASY!’

His participants range from CEOs, managers, executives, supervisors to clerks; and professional engineers, lawyers and computer specialists both local and foreigners. He has many repeat clients. He has trained small, medium and large local and multinational organizations from various industries.


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